Request for donation from a national fencing federations and (or) other non-profit organization.

The request for donation received from a national fencing federation/association and (or) other non-profit organization involved into activity aimed at development of the national and global fencing shall be issued on the official letter-head of the organization and signed by the CEO of the organization.

The request for donation shall contain *:

  1. The full name of the organization in one of the following languages: French, English, Spanish, Russian with obligatory marking the legal status of the organization as a non-profit one;
  2. The full address of registration of the head office of the organization;
  3. The name and the surname of the CEO of the organization;
  4. The full bank requisites of the organization with obligatory indication of SWIFT code and the intermediary bank (if any);
  5. The signature of the CEO (the seal is not obligatory) and the date of the request making;
  6. The actual phone number (with indication of the country code) of the CEO of the organization, the actual official e-mail address of the organization.
  7. Clauses 1-4 above shall be duplicated in English.

The request for donation shall contain:

  1. The preamble in free form;
  2. The motivated request for donation with indication of the timing and place of the sport event (competitions, a training camp, a congress and etc.) and (or) the quantity and the list of fencing materials to be bought and etc.;
  3. The requested donation amount.

The following documents shall be attached to the request for donation:

  1. A copy of the Registration Certificate of the organization;
  2. A copy of the Charter/Statutes of the organization;
  3. A draft of the budget of expenditures referring to the monetary assets received as the donation.

*The Fund preserves the right to demand from applicants any additional documents and information necessary for consideration of the request for donation.