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Why fencing?

Fencing is a martial art that uses sport weapons. The ability to handle fencing weapons places people of different physical condition and body types on a level playing field.

The decisive factor in fencing is the ability to think unconventionally and find your bearings in a rapidly changing situation. In the course of the bout the fencer has to make numerous independent decisions in an instant.

Fencing teaches you to control your emotions, forces impulsive or short-tempered people to get a grip of themselves, and shy or reticent ones to take risks that they would not consider taking ordinarily.

Fencing is a creative sport enabling free development of the personality. It offers no ready recipes. It only provides the notes, while the athlete himself has to compose music.

The intense emotional background of fencing exercises enables aspiring fencers to easily cope with physical exertion, thereby developing both special and general ability for work.

Courtesy, gallantry, and respect for the opponent characterize the manner of behavior taught and maintained by fencing thanks to its time-honored ritual of conducting bouts. Before each bout fencers salute with their weapons their opponent, the audience, and the referee. A handshake necessarily completes each bout.

Fencing is an ancient sport. It brings to us through the centuries the romanticism graced with the nobility of the protagonists of Alexandre Dumas' works and the best traditions of knighthood.

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