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Aim and goals

The Fund's aim:

to create conditions favoring successful and dynamic development of fencing on all continents of the globe.

The Fund's goals:

1. boosting viewer interest in fencing;

2. getting the public at large involved in fencing, including children, students, and physically challenged individuals;

3. raising the organizational, methodological, and material level of low-budget and newly-formed national fencing federations;

4. enhancing the professional qualifications of referees, coaches, and fencing specialists;

5. ensuring the participation of gifted fencers of any national fencing federation in official International Fencing Federation (FIE) tournaments;

6. strengthening the methodological and material resources of fencing;

7. getting all types of fencing to be included in the Olympic Games and securing 12 sets of medals for fencing sport

Methods of implementation:

making charitable donations with a view to accomplishing the Fund's aims and goals.

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