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Some new FIE rules have been applicable since the 1st of January
On the 1st of January some changes in fencing technical and organisation rules, accepted by the FIE Congress in November, took effect. In the season 2015-2016 at the Open and Junior World Championships, all places in the table up to 16th place will be fought for. In previous rules only the first four places were fought for.

Some changes were made in points system: in the season 2015-2016 fencers, who took places 65th-96th, get 1 point. 1st place gives 32 points, 2nd place - 26 points,  3rd place - 20 points, 5th–8th places - 14 points, 9th–16th places - 8 points, 17th–32nd places - 4 points and 33rd–64th - 2 points.

The system of substitution during team competition was changed. The fencer who has been replaced may fence one more time during that match, but only to replace the fencer who originally substituted him. No further substitution is allowed, even in the case of an accident or unavoidable circumstances. The announcement that a fencer is to be substituted must be made at the latest before the beginning of the bout preceding the next bout of the fencer who is to be replaced and must be reported by the Referee to the opposing team captain. At World Championships and Olympic Games, the referee must also report this immediately to the Directoire technique. This change will take effect in the season 2015-2016.

New rules define the age groups in veteran competitions: a) Age group 50-59 (a fencer must be at least 50 years old and less than 60 years old in the year of the competition); b) Age group 60-69; c) Age group 70+ (a fencer must be at least 70 years old in the year of the competition).

Amendment “with one or two feet” can be seen in description of situation when a fencer crosses one of the lateral boundaries of the piste. If a competitor crosses one of the lateral boundaries of the piste with one or two feet, he must step back one metre from the point where he left the piste; and if he goes off the piste during an attack he must return to the position he occupied when he started his attack and then step back a further metre.

The fencers now must arrive on the piste not only with with two weapons (one as a spare) and two bodywires (one as a spare), but also with and two mask wires (one as a spare).

For the 2015/2016 season chronometers showing 100th of seconds should be introduced. Some changes concerning fencing equipment were made. For example, the entire outside of the chest protector must be covered with a soft material. The material can be attached to the current plastic models or incorporated into the manufacture of new chest protectors. The material of the fencing glove must have a level of protection of 800N on several areas.

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